2017 Trends in HRWith every new year comes new trends in HR, fresh ideas and reports that get us thinking about what we’re currently doing to attract and recruit quality candidates.

Multiple lists and articles are distributed, each touting the “top trends” that will dominate for 2017 in HR recruitment. We’ve done the work for you, scoured the Internet, reviewed top industry articles and blogs and put together a quick-and-easy version of what you should really be paying attention to for 2017.

There’s a big focus on increasing employee referrals.

We’ve known for awhile that the best hires come from referrals of existing employees. The trick is knowing how to get your employees invested in finding new talent. A referred hire typically onboards faster, is cheaper to recruit and they often stay at the job longer.

Across the board, the key to increasing employee referrals is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  A complicated process will only deter employees from getting involved, so the more seamless the solution, the better.

A quick share of the job posting across social media networks is one of the easiest, low-barrier forms of employee referral. Using a platform like ViziRecruiter, which makes job postings visually appealing, is a great incentive to get employees to share seamlessly on the social networks, via email or even text.

Employer branding is a the top of your wish list.

You know the importance of branding your company to attract quality hires, but unfortunately, budget restrictions limit how much (if any) you can allocate to this area. Your company image, corporate culture, mission and way of doing business is essential in today’s competitive job market – particularly in attracting and retaining high-level talent.

Making sure your website and social media presence are up-to-date and reflective of your company is a great place to start elevating your employer brand, however those tactical elements are often left in the hands of a marketing department or CEO. An untapped area to heighten employer branding is in your job postings.

A tool like ViziRecruiter takes a heavy, text-based job description and turns them into company branding statements. By using photos, graphic design elements, videos and custom content, your job posting works overtime not only to describe an open jobs, but also effectively communicates your company’s DNA.

HR teams up with the rest of the C-Suite.

One of our favorite 2017 HR trends is seeing more and more executives having a seat at the table with other departments and decision-makers. This comprehensive, synergistic approach to business is something we hope continues to grow, with executives at all levels realizing HR has an essential role to play in company’s success.

Talent acquisition is a top (if not number one) priority in business. With HR executives leading the charge to find quality candidates, it’s their job to bring innovative solutions, new ideas and advocate for tools and training to continuously raise the bar and profile of the company. 

As trends often come and go, we are hopefully that these three approaches and areas of focus continue to stand the test of time in human resources. Increasing employee referrals, strengthening employer branding and continuing to provide and recommend innovative talent acquisition solutions are essential elements for a successful, effective 2017 recruitment strategy.

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