Stop posting jobs. Start marketing them!
Transform the way candidates engage with your job descriptions by making them visual.
A Vizi is an interactive visual job description
It’s not a question of opinion. It’s science. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and it’s processed 60,000x faster than text.* Vizis tell the story of your jobs, giving them personality with icons, pictures, color and more...
*Source: Visual Teaching Alliance
Create a Vizi in just three simple steps
Copy and Paste
Just copy, paste and enter key elements of your text job description.
Create a Vizi in just three simple steps
Design your Vizi
Your job descriptions need an identity. Experiment with colors, fonts and cool templates. Create a style for your unique branding.
Create a Vizi in just three simple steps
Using a Vizi, you have unlimited sharing potential and a really attractive format to reach the world. Share it with everyone or target to just one qualified passive candidate!
Attract more qualified passive candidates
Recruiters become more effective marketers
All active Vizis on one page so that candidates can filter and search
Share with all or target to an individual candidate
Track status with real-time analytics
No ATS integration required
PC, mobile, and tablet responsive
Flexible plans with flexible payments
A Vizi for every type of business
Vizi for HR Departments of 1
Vizi for Midsize Businesses
Vizi for Major Corporations
No billing information is required to start your trial