In a sea of job boards and recruitment platforms, most HR and Talent Acquisition Managers deal with the ever-present issue of quality versus quantity. There is no shortage of candidates looking for jobs, but more often than not, finding quality candidates for the position is difficult.

How do you work smarter, not harder, when it comes to finding quality candidates? Check out our ViziRecruiter tips for attracting quality employment candidates:

1. Revamp your job descriptions

Despite changes and innovations throughout the industry, job descriptions have stayed fairly consistent (read: boring) in terms of format, content and look. Why is this the case?!

Overhauling the content and look of your job descriptions makes a big difference in attracting quality candidates. Make sure your content is fresh, descriptive and authentic to your brand’s voice. If you work in a more casual, creative environment, your language should reflect that. This may be a candidate’s first exposure to your company so make sure it’s a fitting first impression!

Adding visuals to your job descriptions is a great way to communicate your company culture. At ViziRecruiter, we take your text-based job descriptions and instantly transform them into visual branding statements. Not only will adding visuals make your job posting stand out, but it also creates an opportunity for you to advertise your business to the masses.

2. Develop an ideal candidate profile

We’re not talking a laundry list of the typical skills, education level or prerequisites. Create an internal document that outlines what characteristics and traits the ideal candidate will need to seamlessly fill the position and fit in with company culture.

Do you need someone to help increase revenue? Does he or she need to manage a team or department prone to conflict? These qualities can prove to be even more important to identify in order to find the perfect fit.

3. Be selective where you post the job listing

Consider your ideal candidate and where he is most likely to receive news and information or job search. Alternative outlets, especially social networks like Facebook and Linkedin, are ideal for reaching a particular type of candidate.

90 percent of millennials get their information on social platforms, which makes targeting this demo on social media especially effective. Whether it’s posting your job opening on your company’s social platforms or engaging current employees to post and share, social media is a powerful recruiting avenue that shouldn’t be ignored.

4. Ditch the cliche interview questions

Instead of asking where they see themselves in five years or what their strengths are, get more specific based on the job position. Present real challenges or decisions they’ll need to make to gauge how they’d handle situations. The more specific you can be, the better. The Huffington Post offers a great set of alternate questions that can reveal more about a candidate. Check them out here.