2022 Recruitment ChallengesAs you’re well aware, the recruitment and hiring landscape is constantly changing. Learning how to adjust to new challenges is vital in attracting and retaining the best employees and creating a prosperous business. Even though we’re over the hump of 2020 and 2021, recruiters are still facing repercussions from these years and continued 2022 recruitment challenges.

Labor shortage

The current global talent shortage is at a 15-year high. About half of employers in the United States report difficulty finding people to fill vacancies. This shortage is caused by a variety of reasons – a major one due to the continued influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has continued to affect international travel, which has reduced the supply of international candidates. Furthermore, we are seeing a large number of people retiring, which has been coined the “Great Resignation”. 

Candidate experience

Candidate experience continues to be a challenge for recruiters in 2022. About 72% of candidates who have a poor candidate experience during their recruitment process tend to share their experience with others, even on social media. When candidates have a bad experience and spread the word, the company’s reputation can suffer. A poor candidate experience might include lack of feedback or empathy to candidates, a lengthy or inconsistent recruitment process, or limited signs of positive brand culture. Consider assessing your recruitment process from the eyes of a potential candidate to ensure that you are creating the best experience.

Retaining high performers

In recent years, employers have had to deal with an increasing number of resignations. Losing valuable employees is costly – both monetarily as well as the potential damaging effect on culture. Retaining high performers will be important for recruiters and employers in 2022. One way to combat this challenge is to have regular “check-in” conversations with employees to discuss any possible obstacles  preventing them from thriving in their role. Having competitive compensation will also be an important factor in keeping star performers. 

Attracting passive candidates

Passive candidates are those who are not actively seeking a new job, but are open to new employment opportunities. It is beneficial for employers to know where these passive candidates are and how to tap into their networks in order to find eligible candidates. Knowing how to engage their curiosity and interest in your company is important in tackling the challenge of targeting passive candidates.  

Ultimately, although these 2022 recruitment challenges may be inevitable, there are ways to navigate them and come out as a stronger company with thriving employees. VIZI helps to  improve your recruiting process with visual job descriptions that are proven to attract 3X more quality candidates into your pipeline. 

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