social recruitmentRecruiting through social media is a great way to showcase your job openings and boost organizational awareness. However, this medium can be overlooked for a variety of reasons. Sure, the traditional HR marketing team with a dedicated budget can pay to play in this space, but it’s the innovative HR marketing team that leverages a free, more authentic route by engaging their current employees to promote positions across their own social networks.

The team at ViziRecruiter has solutions to the common challenges that can exist with social recruiting. Check out our helpful tips below and start transforming your recruiting strategies for today’s social candidates.

HR Challenge #1:

Our social media pages have low engagement and low reach.

Social Recruitment Solution:
Leverage the networks of your current employees and encourage social sharing! Engagement breeds engagement. Take steps to ensure your employees are aware of open positions and provide them with an easy way to share the information. Most employees are proud of where they work and will be excited to announce opportunities to their connections.

HR Challenge #2:

How can my job posts look authentic in social posts?

Social Recruitment Solution:
Using visual job posts created by ViziRecruiter will transform your text-based job descriptions into visual branding statements that can be shared across any social platform. These visual job posts showcase rich media about your brand and values to deliver an authentic representation of your company. The whole experience is seamless and a natural fit for social media!

HR Challenge #3:

Paid job advertising is costly and often hard to measure

Social Recruitment Solution:
Again, tapping into your employees’ social networks is an easy way to naturally increase your reach for posted jobs. Your brand social media dashboard contains simple analytics that will aggregate metrics like reach, likes and shares for any posts. If your organization has an analytics package on the careers site or uses an ATS, make sure to work with the provider to ensure that your links contain the appropriate tracking parameters to look at the traffic source for a job post. The traffic source shows where the inbound traffic is coming from and can help you make better marketing decisions for future HR efforts.

HR Challenge #4:

I want to motivate my employees to share job posts on their social networks, but I don’t have a budget for an employee referral program.

Social Recruitment Solution:
Think outside the box with a reward! Bonus incentives do not motivate all employees. Providing additional PTO or a special parking spot close to the entrance is a free reward for an employee referral program. Additionally, never forget that recognition always goes a long way. A genuine thank you from the HR department to an individual makes sure that their actions are acknowledged and appreciated.