recruiting_millennials According to a recent Nielsen report, Generation Y (also known as Millennials) and Generation Z make up almost half of the U.S. population. It is important for HR professionals to focus on specific techniques for recruiting millennials. Targeting this group can often be difficult, as the age span is relatively wide (people born in the early 80s through the early 2000s). Plus, motivating factors for job selection can differ. Here are Vizi’s tips for attracting this important demographic:

Make branding a priority

This demographic of candidates aren’t looking for any job — they’re looking for a company that they fit with. This is why effective, consistent branding is more important than ever. Candidates should be able to get a feel for the company right off the bat, and experiencing consistent messages across platforms and interactions is key.

At ViziRecruiter, we’ve taken this priority to heart. Vizis are visual job posts that allow brands to showcase their company culture through rich media and meaningful engagement. Text-based job descriptions are one dimensional, and simply fall flat in connecting with potential candidates.

Show genuine interest

When recruiting millennials and Generation Z candidates, it’s essential to make sure they don’t feel treated like another number on the recruiter’s list. Millennials want to know the recruiter is actually interested in them as a person and potential employee. Recruiters looking to actively engage with passive millennials and Gen Z-ers should take the time to get to know the candidate on a personal level. These generations are all about genuine relationships and want to work for employers who care about their employees.

Be active on social media

It’s a fact: millennials and Gen Z live and breathe on social media, which means this is also where they turn when looking for new jobs or connecting with future employers. When recruiting millennials and Generation Z candidates, make sure your brand’s social media presence is up to par. These candidates are taking inventory of the types of posts you’re putting out. They note the causes you care about, what your offices or employee culture looks like, and how you handle any conflict or challenges. Make sure your social media platforms are representing your brand and staff accurately and positively.

Authenticity is key

What millennials and Gen Z-ers want most out of a job is how their work will contribute to the company and what the company does to help others. These may not be the most glamorous benefits and perks, but they will keep both generations engaged and working hard. It’s also important for recruiters to highlight perks that are relevant to the industry they’re hiring for. If it’s a creative industry, opportunities to attend workshops or having the latest design software is important to share. The same is true for a company that is known for innovation should have the latest and greatest technology.

Show off the workplace experience

This generation doesn’t want to just know what they’ll be doing at work on daily basis, they also want to know how they’ll be doing the work. Does the company have fast Internet? Is there a messaging software to connect everyone? Will there be a training period? Do colleagues spend time together outside of work hours? Giving candidates a look at a day-in-the-life will only help them make their decision to work at your company.