Attracting the Consumer Candidate

It’s safe to say that consumers are the most important priorities for businesses. Without them, there’d be no one to purchase your products or services! Many companies focus on the consumer by offering stellar customer service and tailored products or services. However, most fail to realize that potential candidates are also potential consumers. This double role can blur the communications and engagement lines.

A positive or negative candidate experience, regardless of the hiring decision, can make or break the applicant becoming a consumer. We’ve outlined ways you can focus on creating an experience that is beneficial to the consumer candidate.

What’s your brand reputation?

Just like consumers, consumer candidates will research companies before applying for a job. This means they’re looking at your website, your social media platforms, and reading comments or reviews. Are you putting your best foot forward when it comes to showcasing your rockstar employees or corporate culture? Companies with great branding and a positive reputation are more likely to attract high-quality candidates.

What do your job posts communicate?

When it comes to shopping online, there seems to be an endless supply of targeted ads that speak directly to the consumer. Sophisticated algorithms, also known as big data, now enable companies to target consumers based on their online behaviors. This hyper-targeting significantly improves e-commerce sales since companies are delivering their messages to consumers who have already expressed interest in their type of product.

Have you considered treating your job descriptions the same as a digital ad for your business to attract the consumer candidate? Probably not. Traditional text-based job posts lack branding and personality. The missed opportunity is that a job post is often shared widely across the Internet, which could be a powerful branding and advertising tool! Visual software companies like Vizi do just that. Vizi can turn your boring, text-heavy job description into a tool that not only attracts quality candidates, but also advertises your business, which is a win-win.

Brag a little

Let consumer candidates know how great you are by bragging a little! Receive a glowing review or testimonial from a customer? Share it on your website and social media platforms. Candidates want to be associated with companies with great reputations and those that provide value for their consumers. If someone reads reviews to help them make a purchase, shouldn’t it be the same way for candidates applying to companies? This is why websites like Glassdoor have become a useful tool for job seekers.

Focus on your candidate experience

It’s essential to remember that while not every candidate will become an employee, they could become a consumer. A positive candidate experience exponentially increases the chances that someone will recommend your company to friends, encourage others to apply for open jobs, and even become a purchaser of your product or service! Take a look at your engagement with candidates from the first interaction through the final decision. Are you treating them as you would your most valued customer? Look for areas of added value, feedback channels, and places you can create a relationship with candidates, whether they’re hired or not.