Modern Recruiting

The recruitment marketplace was once ruled by 33 characters and only a few generic lines of text. It’s amazing to think how this space has evolved since the early days of the classified ad. Companies now have personalized touchpoints with candidates that span across several mediums. Quality candidates shop around for companies that fit their values and deliver meaningful work. We have highlighted four areas to focus on for attracting modern candidates:

Be mobile responsive

According to PEW Research, smartphones are a primary source for communication, with over 77% of Americans relying on one daily. Many times, users will choose to perform a search on their phones even though the computer is within an arm’s reach. The accessibility and usability of a smart phone has skyrocketed as a growing share of Americans now use smartphones as their primary means of online access. Job posts that cannot be easily viewed on a smartphone will miss valuable engagement opportunities with potential talent! If you’re having trouble convincing your organization to invest in responsive technology, use a free analytics tool to pull a traffic report by device on your career site. You have a great case to invest dollars into the mobile experience when the bounce rate is much higher on a mobile device.

Be unique

LinkedIn currently supports over 20,000 companies recruiting over 11 million open positions. There are hundreds of job sites and job boards that have similar statistics. How are you promoting unique job ads? Break away from the traditional, text-based job description with a recruiting technology like Vizi. Vizi instantly transforms your text-based job descriptions into visual branding statements. The patented software allows you to authentically portray your organization through rich media and  tell a story to an applicant. Vizi works with or without and ATS and can be easily integrated with job boards, through text, email and on social media outlets.

Be sharable

In 2017, SHRM reported that employee referrals remain the top source for successful hires. As a bonus, a referred resource is more likely to stay longer with the organization. Traditional networking tactics shouldn’t be overlooked, but it’s time to bring that practice into the modern era. Create job posts that your employees are proud to share with their social networks. Not sure where to start? Check out this helpful guide to Encourage Employee Social Sharing.

Be simple

SHRM reports that abandonment rates on applications can climb higher than 60% if the experience is too lengthy or cumbersome. Don’t make your quality candidates jump through hoops! Look into add-on technologies like Apply with LinkedIn or connections to GDrive and Dropbox so applicants can easily upload resumes and documents. Also, remember to review your application process periodically to assess the experience and keep things user friendly.