job post distributionHave a job opening you’re looking to get filled? In this candidate-driven market many companies find themselves with low applicant levels. This means candidates have the advantage when applying to, and ultimately selecting, their job of choice. With high competition on the employers’ end, it’s crucial to ensure your job postings are not only visible and accessible across the Internet in order to attract top talent, but also stand out from the masses. Check out some our tips for effective ways to win at job post distribution:

Scrutinize your job post

Let’s start with the post itself. Your job post could be all over the Internet but to be effective the content must be informative and relevant to candidates. When reviewing your job post, think about what you would like to know if you were applying. Are you able to quickly find the following information?

  • Responsibilities
  • Corporate Culture
  • Salary
  • Special Perks
  • Benefits
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Employee Testimonials

In addition to the actual content, a visually engaging post is more likely to retain a candidate’s attention over a plain-text experience. Using a job marketing software like Vizi is a great way to stand out from the competition and increase candidate engagement.

Leverage search engine optimization for job posts

Job search on Google is transforming how candidates find and review job openings by incorporating job posts into search results. Google is creating a single destination for job seekers to explore opportunities by pulling content from both websites and job boards.  With Vizi, you can optimize your job post content without compromising your job description to show up more frequently in Google searches. The process is very similar to traditional SEO techniques which include using descriptive keywords to position your posts in front of qualified candidates and top-level applicants.

Be selective with job board posting

There are thousands of job board options to choose from, which makes it tempting to post on all of them to saturate the market. However, we recommend carefully choosing a handful that are relevant for both your company as well as the type of candidate you want to attract. This is particularly important if you have a job that requires a special skill set, as many platforms cater to specific industries. Here are a few industry specific job boards that provide a more custom experience for a specific profession:

Education: HigherEd JobsK-12 Job Spot
Finance: AFP Online Job Center, eFinancial Careers
HR: SHRM’s HR Job Board,’s Job Board
Non Profit:, Work for Good

Post your job openings on social media

Did you know almost 80% of candidates use social media in their job search? If you aren’t actively using social media to connect with candidates, you’re missing a large amount of qualified talent. Advertise open positions on company accounts across all platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. In addition, encourage employees to share job posts to further spread the message throughout their networks. Consider social media the new “word-of-mouth” when it comes to employee referrals.

Make sure your posts are mobile-friendly

Nearly 95% of U.S. residents have a smartphone to stay connected with people and current events. It’s essential that your careers website and job postings are optimized for mobile viewing and easy application. Invest the time and effort to make make your job process seamless and available for users “on-the-go”. You’re demonstrating that you not only care about the candidate experience, but are relevant in today’s mobile era.