It’s safe to say that we live and operate in a heavily visual, social media-driven era. This begs the ultimate hiring question: why are job descriptions still text-based and boring? Today’s job seekers aren’t engaged in lengthy job postings that don’t effectively communicate what the position entails or what the corporate culture is like. This transactional interaction can start the candidate experience off at a low point. At Vizi, we’re saying a final ‘goodbye’ to the text-based job description and instead promoting the adoption of enhanced job posts that work!

Enhanced Job Descriptions Attract High-Quality Candidates

Enhanced job descriptions use rich media that allow candidates to truly visualize themselves working at your company. By incorporating branding, videos and photos into your enhanced job description, candidates are better able to understand the job and company culture. Text-based job descriptions simply can’t paint a picture or tell the story of your organization. The nature of a Vizi facilitates longer time spent engaging with a job description, which indicates a more thoughtful review from a higher-quality candidate.

Enhanced Job Descriptions Allow You to Tell Your Brand Story

Enhanced job postings serve as an effective branding statement for your company. There’s a saying that “the best advertising isn’t advertising”. By telling your brand story visually through a medium as popular and widely-shared as a job description, you’re essentially creating a powerful marketing tool for your brand with unlimited impression and sharing potential.

Enhanced Job Descriptions Enable You to Leverage Social Media Recruitment

Organizations consistently identify employee referrals as a top source for quality hires. The best candidates aren’t hanging out on job boards; they’re discovering jobs organically on the social media through their networks and connections. Since the brain processes visuals 60K times faster than text, it’s no surprise that enhanced job postings are perfect for social recruiting. Aside from marketing the open position, enhanced job postings are a great asset for marketing your organization.

Enhanced Job Descriptions Promote a Positive Candidate Experience

When a candidate views your visual job posting, they’re engaging with your brand in an entirely new way. Interested candidates may seek information from up to 16 different sources to learn about the organization. With VIZI, all of the information they need is presented on a single landing page. Starting the recruitment process with a positive, authentic experience creates the beginning of a meaningful candidate experience, not another transaction.