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Jenna Flory, Spa Manager at Beach House Day Spa

This week we are catching up with Jenna Flory, the Spa Manager at Beach House Day Spa. The spa’s philosophy is that each and every customer be treated with the utmost care and receive exceptional customer service. Learn about Jenna’s journey to her current position, and how she leads and inspires her staff! 

DB: Jenna, thanks for taking the time to chat with me today! What is your role at Beach House Day Spa?
JF: I am currently the Spa Manager at Beach House Day Spa in Birmingham, Michigan.

DB: That sounds fabulous, but also like it took a lot of hard work! Can you share how you ended up at Beach House Day Spa?
JF: I graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in Business Management, focusing on Human Resources. I lived in North Carolina for two years where I attended Cape Fear Community College and worked as a nanny and waitress. In 2016 I moved back to the Metro Detroit area to finish school and started working at Beach House. At first, I was hired to just help out with parties and fill in when needed, however, I quickly established an amazing relationship with the former manager and owner and moved up to a Spa Coordinator and then to Administrative Manager, where I handled many HR duties. Once the former manager made the decision to leave the spa, the owner asked me to fill the position and I gladly accepted.

DB: It seems like you made quite an impression on your former manager! What do you value most about your current role?
JF: Providing an unbelievable customer experience is such an amazing feeling. Clients come in not knowing what to expect and it is so humbling to see them leave completely relaxed. We go above and beyond to ensure they leave here feeling taken care of by people who truly care. Aside from clients, providing a welcoming, family-like work environment is what I value the most. This industry often comes with a competitive environment, and oftentimes owners and managers do not understand the needs of the service providers. This is one of the main reasons the owner opened Beach House, and I feel so much joy being able to implement her dreams, which have also become mine!

DB: What has been the biggest learning to-date from your career path?
JF: The biggest learning experience I have walked away with is that you need to check your opinion and how you personally would react in a situation at the door. I find that managing 32 women is easiest when I put myself in their shoes and understand where they are coming from when issues arise. Obviously, first and foremost I need to keep what is best for the business in mind, but working with them to find a solution makes everyone feeling the most fulfilled.

DB: That’s great advice! What is your favorite interview question to ask candidates?
JF: My favorite interview question is “how would you describe your interpersonal skills when dealing with the public?” This question provides a lot of insight into the type of temperament a person has. Not everyone is cut out for customer service. This question allows me to gauge how they would interact with a displeased customer and make sure their response would align with our amazing customer service.

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