Becoming a successful recruiter takes many different skills, including excellent communication, customer service, organization and even a keen sense of intuition. A large part of the job is creating a seamless experience between the candidate, employer and internal HR teams, which can be a difficult balance to achieve. At VIZI, we have identified 5 key habits shared by successful recruiters we work with; check out their tips below:

Effective Recruiters Are: Organized
There are many moving parts when it comes to recruiting, from managing several open positions at once to keeping track of position details, candidates and interviews scheduled. The most effective recruiters have created an organization system that works for them, and one they always follow. If you don’t already, consider organizing your day in a structured way. Block out your workday to tackle categories of tasks. For instance, your morning may consist of answering emails and returning calls, while work after lunch focuses on reviewing resumes and connecting with candidates on social media. Find a structure that works best for you, and stick to it! 

Effective Recruiters Are: Innovative
It is essential to keep up with the ever-changing recruitment and marketing landscape when it comes to your hiring methodology. While there is always an influx of new software and technology promising to make your job easier, it is important to carefully evaluate each to make sure they will work for your particular hiring style. Before trying out a new trend, carefully consider which areas you may need help with or want to strengthen. Do you need assistance with organization, reaching more candidates or being able to qualify higher-level candidates earlier in the process? Once you’ve identified your most important needs, look for trends and tools that will help you achieve them. 

Effective Recruiters Are: Responsive
Communication is one of the most important skill sets for recruiters. Whether it is getting back to candidates in a timely fashion or keeping your client updated on hiring progress, being responsive to inquiries and proactive with communication not only ensures everyone feels kept in the loop, but can help make your job run more smoothly.

Effective Recruiters Are: Candidate-Focused
It’s safe to say that the candidate experience has continued to remain a top priority for recruiters and hiring managers alike. The candidate should be authentically engaged from the very initial contact through onboarding, and feel that they are a priority for you and the organization. When recruiting passive candidates for high-level positions, the stakes are even higher.

Effective Recruiters Are: Social
The most effective recruiters think outside of the box and are willing to explore new avenues to attract and recruit top talent. Social media recruitment has become an essential tool in any recruiter’s arsenal. Be sure to consider other platforms aside from Linkedin. Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are great social networks to not only locate talent, but to advertise job openings. Remember, these platforms are 100% visual, which means each job post should include an engaging image.