A Career Choice is a Life Choice LogoTyler Butler, Founder and CEO of 11Eleven ConsultingThis week we are catching up with Tyler Butler, Founder and CEO of 11Eleven Consulting. 11Eleven assists companies develop meaningful and innovative corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. Read about Tyler’s path to her current position. 

DB: Hi Tyler! Thanks for sitting down with me today. What is your current position?

TB: I am the Founder and CEO of 11Eleven Consulting.

DB: Can you tell us a little about your career path and how ended up in this position?

TB: My undergraduate studies were in Interdisciplinary Studies. This gave me a broader understanding of how to merge trends, partners and opportunities. As I grew in my career, I recognized the emergence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a discipline. I set my goals on working in this arena. Realizing that I would likely need more education in this space, I then attended Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship where I received my master’s degree. Currently, I am attending a program through Stanford University focused on Corporate Sustainability.

Throughout my education I have been focused on improving upon my knowledge base in order to make a greater impact in CSR. It is through these learnings and my professional experiences at Microsoft, GoDaddy and now my firm, 11Eleven Consulting, that I have come to be where I am today.

DB: That’s great that you kept yourself educated to create a greater impact in your field. What do you value most about your current role?

TB: I value the autonomy that I have as a consultant. I am able to juggle multiple projects while making a positive impact in a myriad of ways for different organizations. Having the ability to scale the change I can impact is a powerful and exciting feeling. Additionally, I value the chance to help countless people, companies and communities to develop meaningful offerings that engage and excite people to help others. The feeling of facilitating and inspiring others to pay it forward is a rather special and unique feeling that I personally strive for continually.

DB: What has been the biggest learning to date from your career path?

TB: The biggest thing that I’ve learned is the value of relationships. It has been through my personal and professional relationships that I have had so many opportunities come my way. I believe it is most important to treat every person with kindness. You can be the most educated or successful person in a room, but without a sense of kindness you will never have extended success. True success is only possible through partnership and collaboration.

DB: That’s very insightful! Lastly, what is your favorite question to ask candidates during an interview? 

TB: During interviews I like to dig into the candidate’s reasons for wanting a particular position. Working in CSR is somewhat of a calling. So, those who care only about financial gain or accolades will have a harder time making progress possible as this niche is more about having a passion to help communities than anything else.


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