Emily Smith, Owner, The Pilates House

This past week we caught up with Emily Smith, The Pilates House owner and instructor. Located in West Bloomfield, The Pilates House is a boutique fitness and pilates studio that offers classes to teach you to move better for everyday benefits. Learn more about Emily’s journey to opening up her own studio.

DB: Hi Emily! I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. Let’s start with you telling us what your current position is. 

ES: I’m the owner of Pilates Studio and also work as an instructor.

DB: Since this is a newer position for you, can you tell us how you ended up here?

ES: I always wanted to do hair. I went down that path by becoming an apprentice at a local salon, then got into doing hair on film and television. I wanted to chase the dream of doing hair for all over the world until I met my now-husband. Seeking something more stable, I took over managing the salon I started at. I loved running a business and was considering opening my own salon, but I always had a passion for pilates. I was burned out from the salon world, so I enrolled in a year-long teacher training program and bought a pilates studio. This is where I am currently and am loving my life. I teach pilates all day and make people feel amazing! 

DB: That’s quite the journey! Can you tell us what you value most about your current role? 

ES: I thought the saying, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” was dumb but it’s so true. I enjoying learning about bodies, people’s limitations and trying to fix their movement. It wasn’t ideal to open a fitness studio during a pandemic (with a virus that spreads through respiratory droplets), especially when most of what pilates is about breath-work, but we are doing great and getting better every day! 

DB: What has been the biggest learning to date from your career path?

ES: Getting used to wearing leggings and workout clothes every day as opposed to getting dressed for a fashion salon world is definitely an adjustment. However, I have learned to be more flexible by suddenly having to pivot my business due to COVID when we were only open for three weeks. I didn’t go virtual since I am new to this industry and because I believe in being in person. There’s a whole science behind working out with other people and I wanted to keep that aspect of my business.

DB: Lastly, what is your favorite interview question to ask candidates? 

ES: I don’t do interviews much, but I love asking other instructors what got them started in pilates and why they wanted to teach. Everyone has a great story and most of the time it’s because of body issues (broken bones, bad back or are retired athletes).


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