Hiring the right employees is integral for the success of your business. While a strong hiring process is one of the most important parts of running a business, establishing a hiring process that works can be challenging. With today’s hiring market now driven by candidates, it is time to improve your process in order to stand out from the competition.

1. Create a strong employer brand

Developing an authentic employer brand will help you attract the best talent. When companies have a clear identity and mission, they are better equipped to communicate and market who they are to active and passive candidates. It is also essential to incorporate your Employee Value Proposition into your employer brand, which provides a clear picture of what your company offers employees in exchange for their work. More than compensation and benefits, a strong EVP focuses on intangibles, like corporate culture and company philosophy, that will attract the right candidate.

2. Upgrade your job posts

Avoid relying so heavily on text-based job descriptions and job boards to market your open positions. The job posts or your careers page is often a candidate’s first interaction with your company. Enhance this experience by clearly communicating what your company stands for, while also describing the ideal candidate for the position. Incorporate photos and videos into your job posts to maximize the candidate experience well before the first interview. Platforms like VIZI can instantly transform text-based job descriptions into visually engaging, branded job posts that are superior to a standard, text-based job post.

3. Embrace social media

Today’s candidates are job hunting on social media, with many people preferring these platforms to job boards. Companies should use social media to post open job positions and to build general awareness for their brand. Additionally, unlike job boards, social media allows companies to connect with passive candidates through authentic engagement. Over time, passive candidates interact with and learn about your brand, which could inspire them to apply for an open position in the future.

4. Make hiring a team effort

Encourage your employees to share open positions with their networks. As you know, employee referrals are the most-effective lead source and allow for a more seamless job transition. Encouraging employees to share open jobs on social media also tends to be more successful than incentive-based programs. Work to get employees excited about your growing company, and genuinely seek out their input and feedback.