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Dr. Michele Leno, owner DML Psychological Services PLLC

We recently sat down with Dr. Michele Leno, the owner and founder of DML Psychological Services, PLLC, who provides counseling services throughout Oakland and Wayne Counties in Michigan. Dr. Leno has over a decade of experience providing therapy, coaching, and court ordered psychological evaluations to adolescents and adults. She passionately believes that improving one’s mental health greatly improve one’s overall quality of life. Read about how Dr. Leno got to where she is today.

DB: Hi, Dr. Leno! To start, can you tell readers what your current position is?

DL: I am a licensed psychologist, TV host, and owner of DML Psychological Services, PLLC. 

DB: Wow, that’s quite a resume! Can you tell me how you ended up here?

DL: I majored in psychology as an undergraduate. As I became more interested in pursuing psychology as a career, I realized that graduate school was a must. I went on to earn my M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology with a focus on clinical psychology. After graduating, the final step was to take the Exam for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).

DB: I’m glad that all your hard work paid off! What do you value most about your current role?

DL: In my current role, I provide therapy and evaluations to adolescents and adults. I also provide professional coaching to individuals in the midst of transitions or considering a transition. I am a TV host and producer of Mind Matters with Dr. Michele, set to air early November.

DB: That’s so exciting! What has been the biggest learning to date from your career path?

DL: I have learned that many are looking for hope and acceptance. Even the most together person could use some guidance here and there.

DB: Wise words, Dr. Leno. Last, but not least, what is your favorite interview question to ask candidates? 

DL: I often ask, “What is your go-to coping strategy?”


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